How is eyelid thermage useful?

How is eyelid thermage useful?

Eyelid thermage is a non surgical process used to tighten and lift the skin over the eyelid.

It is the best of problem like this:

  • Wrinkled eyelids reduce the wrinkles present above and below the eye.
  • Hooding: decreases the loose skin present over the eyelid if they are mild to moderate.
  • Makes the eye look wide and open.
  • Maintains the results of surgery on the eyelid.

How does the process of eyelid thermage work?

The process of thermage uses radiofrequency energy to get the effect of uniform heating in the deep dermis. This soft heating process tightens the collagen that was present and stimulates the production of new collagen that is then processed by the tightening of collagen.  As a result, you get a youthful appearance instead of sagging and loose skin.

What can not be done by an eye thermage process?

You can not do anything about having a crow’s feet with the process of eyelid thermage. The crow’s feet are a result caused by the smile muscles, and to get rid of them getting botox done is a better choice. There won’t be any improvement in the under-eye fat pads by getting an eyelid thermage done, this can only be fixed by getting a surgery done.

It is even not possible to remove certain hooding present on the upper lid with the process of eyelid thermage, it is a problem that can be cured by surgery. Thermage can help you out with mild to moderate hooding.

Are you someone who wants to get a Thermage (meaning: thermage eye) at any point in life, then there might be things that you should know about the entire process. You can get a consultation done with the retens medical team in Hong Kong. In case, you are happy with the consultation you can even get the process taken forward at the clinic.

What can a person expect from a thermage treatment? How long does the result take?

In a study done in 2007, around 57 thousand people were surveyed in different clinics. with the new version of multi-pass thermage, 87 per cent of the following got immediate results of tightening, 92 per cent received the result of tightening after 6 long months, and 94 per cent got the results that they were looking forward to.

In the biopsy done all patients had an increase in collagen, so in case you don’t find a noticeable result, the process should be good to prevent sagging.

Is it safe to have a thermage done?

The procedure of thermage is very safe and has no adverse effects reported to this date. For more than 25 years every operating room in the country has been providing Radiofrequency energy. The FDA had cleared the thermage device for cosmetic indication. Thermage FLX is very much safe for you and can give great results.

The guidance from right professional doctor can make a lot of difference. So, if you are thinking of getting this procedure done, then make sure you are under the right clinic. Get your healthy and youthful skin back with just one procedure of Thermage.